Saturday, December 4, 2010

it's a great day for more conferencing!

quick explanation of the wordle i do (most) every saturday, because some of you are new around here:

a couple of years ago (i think) i stumbled across a blog thing called "weekend wordle". i discovered it about the same time as i found "six word saturday"...actually i think it was because my blog buddy megan was participating in both!

anyway, i stopped doing both for awhile because my weekends are so crazy, and when i started back up i discovered that blog hosting the "weekend wordle" was not really staying active with it any longer. however, i thought it was fun enough to keep going!

if you want to play along, you can find the place to make the wordle here. just type in your blog address and wait for it to create! you can play around with fonts and colors, although i usually just leave it at random.

like this week's.  totally random.

and now for a blog thing that is VERY active :)

those e.d. commercials make me squirm!

seriously, have you noticed that?  all about turning normal moments into romantic ones, 4 hours, blah blah.  i'm thrilled that couples can enjoy each other's company in that way with medical aid...but i'd rather not watch 6 commercials regarding the ways in which that happens while i'm simply trying to take in this week's episode of csi:ny!

today's events include another prophetic that means that literally anything could happen!   it's sure to be an exciting day, that much is for sure :-)

have a good one!


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Vanessa said...

I liked the wordle before I knew what it was. Now, I LOVE it! How could someone not want to keep it active? LOL Random is always fun and interesting! :) This is something I will be doing with you, if you don't mind. ;) I have actually made my own using paint shop pro. Usually with a theme though. Like Thanksgiving. I made one with all words related to Thanksgiving. I like them.