Tuesday, December 28, 2010

hey, it's ok (tuesday) .5

please visit amber for the original!

... to totally invite yourself to a new year's celebration. 
... to want to take pictures in the christmas snow, since it only happens in nashville every 20 years or so.  so, maybe when our future children are teenagers we can take more christmas snow pictures.
... to wish they had somehow figured out a way to get MORE caffeine into coffee.
... to be surprised by things you find on facebook.  for example, the guy from college who continually creeps you out suddenly being in a relationship.
... to not understand the appeal of silly bandz, but to buy them for the kids in your life anyway.
... to be so glad that it snowed in nashville more than once this year...and to be completely ready for spring to come.
... to possibly be plotting a trip to starbucks while taking kids to a fun outing.  hey, that makes it more fun for ME too!
... to have snuck the laptop into the bathroom to take a shower and listen to some awesome worship music while the kids have breakfast
(it's the only time the little one is contained enough for me to shower!)

can you tell i'm babysitting today?  i have two boys -- 3 years and 18 months -- monday through wednesday this week.  we're having a blast and i'm LOVING how early they go to bed.  not so much the wakeup call, but it's still later than i normally have to be at work, so hey.

much love, all!



InspiredDreamer said...

Love it! I'm currently in the midst of trying to find a NYE party to crash--I mean invite myself to. :)

Have an Extraordinary Day!

Vanessa said...

Every 20 years? really? wow! whooda thunk it?!?!? not me! LOL

more caffeine is almost ALWAYS a good thing! (but i don't drink coffee...)

i totally understand not understanding the silly bandz craze and getting them anyway...my daughter loves them!

i have taken the laptop into the bathroom before to rock out while showering or getting make up on...music makes me happy!

happy tuesday!


Lora said...

Just found your blog!

I really don't get silly bandz either, but we own approximately a million.

I think it's cool to find another Lora out there in the world, there aren't a lot of us :)

Leslie said...

I totally bought kids silly bandz for Christmas!!! It's weird. :)