Wednesday, December 15, 2010

nashville snow drivers

and have done my fair share plus of complaining about nashville drivers in the snow

today i'll give you a slight glimpse of what i'm talking about.  which is timely because ICE is predicted today.  oh joy!

as i see it there are a few distinct categories of nashville (or southern) snow drivers

in no particular order (except how it comes to my brain) here they are

the recent transplant
characteristics: doesn't understand what everyone is complaining about, forgets temporarily that tennessee gets less snow and more ice, also forgets that nashville is very hilly
driving style: at least 20 mph faster than everyone else on the road, over-confident
(for tractor trailers, add 10 mph and a whole lot of aggressiveness.  yikes)

the nervous nellie/ned
characteristics: have rarely if ever driven in snow, decide that wherever they need to go is clearly more important than the safety of everyone else in the city, bundled up in a heavy coat, thick gloves and a hat that keeps dropping over their eyes but they are too afraid to take their hands off the wheel to push it up
driving style: at least 20 mph slower than everyone else on the road, frequent braking, hands at 11 and 1 on the steering wheel and sitting at the very edge of their driver's seat

the native
characteristics: is only experienced in driving to his or her local grocery store for bread/milk/eggs but feels that experience is just as good as anyone else's
driving style: speed varies, but braking is frequent

the oblivious
characteristics: knows there is snow/ice on the road and that it's slowing everyone else down, but doesn't feel as if it affects him/her, often spotted with "multi-tasking" items such as cell phone or coffee in hand, or makeup brush poised
driving style: at least 20 mph faster than everyone else, reckless when there ISN'T winter weather, so completely hazardous when there is.  avoid this person at all costs.

on a scary(ier) note, here's actual footage of tennessee drivers on ice.  yikes!
and some tips, should you need them.  i kid in this post (kind of) but in ALL seriousness, be careful out there!

(all photos from google images)



Brooke said...

i'm nervous nellie! or was yesterday. jay insisted it was okay to drive myself but have seldom driven in ice (which is what it was by yesterday morning) and we're scheduled to get some of that ice tonight too. boo!

Nicole said...

I love this! I am definitely not afraid to drive in snow and's always the other guy I watch out for!

Jamie Willow said...

that video was kind of mesmerizing. crazy.

I just haven't gone out driving. I am from MN so I know that when the weather is bad it is best to just not go out in it. And if you do you drive slow and take the back roads.

And being here in TN where they don't really have plows or salt (compared to MN) I just expect people to do crazy stuff.

I tell my husband all the time, 4 wheel drive doesn't keep you out of a ditch, but it does help you get out of the ditch once you land in it. lol