Saturday, December 18, 2010

it's a great day for a tea...and more!

this week's wordle:

(gee, wonder what time of the year it is!)


teaching, tea and making some cash!

that pretty much sums up today.  a piano lesson this morning, a tea party with some girlfriends this afternoon and an evening of babysitting first for all the children of a small group and then for the hosts kids while they attend a work party!

it'll be crazy, but productive and definitely fun :0)  i may even don a cute little dress for the tea! :-)



Martha in PA said...

Sounds like a really busy day! I am hoping for a productive one too! Love the Wordle, haven't done one in a long time!!! Stopping by from 6WS!!!!

Kim said...

Sounds like a fun day !! Have fun! Stopping by from Six Word Sat. Merry Christmas!

Vanessa said...

Have a good time! Sounds like you'll be busy! I had to chuckle when I first saw my wordle....for the same reason you can definitely see what time of year it is. :)

Undeserving Grace said...

I enjoyed your wordle for the week..stopping by from 6 word sat I'd love to have you join me at

Jingle said...

wow, love that word wordle...
cute take

Merry Christmas.

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