Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ahhh, the Pub

*note: all posts this week (Sunday - Thursday) are scheduled posts. I am WAY out of cell phone and wireless network range. I love your comments and will look forward to reading them when I return on Friday!

I love the Pub.

I told Anthony the other day that it's no coincidence that two of my favorite cities in the US are Boston and Chicago. And when we were at the pub the other day my friends Sean and Josh played back to back "Charlie on the MTA" and "Southside Irish"

And then there's the classic Irish drinking songs. And the craziness of the regular crowd that jeers and sings along. As Sean says, it's all about audience communication, participation and intoxication!

The pub is a place where I can just go and BE.

What are your places like that? Where you can have a great time, or just chill and enjoy being with people you love?


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HappyascanB said...

the beach. . . our church. . . the hammock in our backyard