Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday's Ten

Thursday's Ten

I'm at youth camp this week, with a bunch of middle and high schoolers from our church. This, as all the other blog posts this week, is a scheduled post...I'll respond to comments when I get back TOMORROW!!!

Ten Reasons to Love and Hate Camp

1. The hike up Hootie Hill
2. Front porch time at the Retreat Center
3. The smelly dog who will get in the creek to presumably make the smell even stronger
4. Worship times (truly amazing)
5. Attempting to get 20 middle school girls out of bed at 7 am
6. Attempting to get 20 middle school girls to
7. The dining hall (salt and pepper football will be on a hiatus this year since Anthony isn't at camp :()
8. Solo time
9. Horseback first attempt was last year. Oh dear.
10. The Dam Trail. More about that later.


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