Sunday, July 12, 2009

Goodbye! (but not really)

This is the first of a few scheduled posts for the week. Now that I know how to schedule a blog post...oh dear, world. Watch out!

At this very moment, I am in the parking lot of my church doing one of several things (or a combination):

a. impatiently waiting in a car behind buses that have been loaded for a while but have yet to just MOVE
b. frantically trying to check students in, tell them what bus to get on, and explain that YES, everyone has to put a ribbon on their suitcase and NO they can't pick the color
c. standing on the steps of the bus alternately stating: (to the front of me) "Once you get on you can't get back off. Have you hugged mom/dad/sister/brother and peed?" and (to the back) "I TOLD you, you can't get off. Go sit down."
d. already missing Anthony, who is missing out on camp this year because he's going on his family's vacation the following week
e. sprinting around the loading area trying to find a youth minister for the latest crisis
f. playing with the cool walkie-talkie radio I get to hold as an all-powerful counselor
g. looking forward to an awesome week at Camp Coker Creek

Probably a bit of all of this has already happened by the time you're reading this, and the truth is I really am looking forward to being at camp with our students. It will be an awesome time to watch them grow as people and in their faith, even though there will be moments I wish I were back in Nashville, or at least somewhere with a cell tower.

I go to help lead the kids, but I always learn a lot too.

The learning has already begun for me this year. I told our youth minister last Sunday that I wouldn't be able to go to camp this year because I haven't been working the last 3 weeks since Nancy hasn't needed me much. I told him I had 3 bills due that had to be paid and I needed to be able to work the week of camp to try to make the money to pay them. And he told me...not to let money stop me. That *I* was needed at camp, and that it would be allowing someone else to serve me if I were to accept help.

Friday I was handed an envelope with the cash needed to pay those 3 bills along with a note that read: "Thank you for the blessing you bring to our students and the love you show them. Thank you also for the opportunity to join God in serving you this week!"

I can't wait to be in the position to pay that one forward...what an amazing blessing to be in a church that gets it.

See you all Friday...and I hope you enjoy the posts between now and then! I'll be responding to comments when I get back!

Love to you all,



Jaycee said...

I can totally relate to the blessings of youth camp! I've been a youth leader at camp for many years and I'm not anymore but I really miss it! And that is so awesome about your bills! You're right, they really do get it. Here's to paying it forward!

Bethany said...

Awesome post, Lora! Have an amazing time and be a blessing to all the kids-- enjoy!!!

Brooke said...

hope you guys have a wonderful time! :)

HappyascanB said...

How cool is that? I'm so glad that your church GETS IT, too! And that they value you as a counselor enough to make it happen for you to go. God rocks!!!