Tuesday, May 3, 2011

hey, it's ok (tuesday) .12

 hey, it's ok

...to eat doritos with your low-fat cottage cheese.  it's balanced, right?
...to sometimes watch silly tv shows
...to love wrapping paper and wrapping gifts in a nearly unhealthy way :-)
...to consider trading free babysitting for my clients with elipticals.  i used one of them the other day and it was a fantastic workout!
...to really, really, really be tired of the rain.
...to be thrilled that not only do you have a summer job lined up but that when the mother called to tell you she used the words "we are so happy and excited that we've found the perfect person for our family!"
...to be over-run with laundry.  all of it clean, none of it in it's proper home.  yikes!
...to be a hockey fan even if your knowledge of the game is a bit sketchy.  but hey, the fights are kinda fun.  (go preds!)
...to get excited about goodwill shopping.  no reason to spend big money on a wardrobe as i'm moving between sizes and losing the weight.  and finding actual quality pieces there makes me even more excited.



Brooke said...

thrift store shopping is the best :)

Debbie said...

Lora, I'm going to be pushy here but I really need you to listen - Doritos are ALWAYS ok. There is no need to struggle with balance or anything like that when it comes to them.

Bethany said...

Silly tv shows are always okay :) They are a great way to unwind!

Soooooo tired of the rain here to. Oh my gosh. We're going to drown. Really.

Goodwill shopping? Genius. So glad my mother introduced :)