Tuesday, May 10, 2011

hey, it's ok (tuesday) .13

hey, it's ok

...to have thought the local air show was a cool idea until you were just praying that the 2 children under the age of two you were with would sleep through all the noise
...to not really want to pay for an eye exam just to get new contacts.  grumble, grumble
...to kind of want to go to mt vernon and see if there really is a secret passageway after watching national treasure 2
...to occasionally (often?) have children's songs running through your head when there are no children present
...to pretty much be on a first name basis with folks at the cable company
...to really, really hope that the issues that the cable company and i have had the past year don't follow me to the next residence.  i'm hopeful -- after all, i had the same exact service at my old place with nary a problem  other than a rare service outage.
...to be considering doing the women's half marathon in september.  except that (a) i have never done that sort of distance before and (b) it's like 2 weeks before the wedding.  is that insane?!
...to be plotting the quickest route from the house to car and other destinations when the cicadas invade full-force
...to want a do-over for the night's sleep that didn't.happen because of all the coughing you did
...to be shocked that gas stations still exist where you don't have to pay at the pump first.  or even with cash first!

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Brooke said...

yes, it is insane. i thought my head was going to explode training for the Disney Marathon through Christmas.

but it is doable. and all that exercising would probably help with the wedding planning stress.