Friday, May 20, 2011

two worlds

i am a busy girl today!
playing pseudo-mom to three children (8, 6, 3) for 3 days
and actually thoroughly enjoying myself.

is it weird that i find myself absolutely loving putting on the "mom" shoes for a few hours...or days?

i LOVE this period in my life
i get to love and nurture
as a friend once said i get to be gracious with other peoples children

yes, i miss my classroom
i miss the structured chaos, the routine, the relationships with students and colleagues alike
i miss the smell of new expo or sharpie markers
i miss integrating technology into my lesson plans
heck, i miss lesson plans!
i miss seeing light and talent in students where others miss it
i miss decorating space
i miss creating a safe environment, physically and emotionally
and i miss a reason to look stylish and cute on a regular basis

but there are also so many things about teaching that i DON'T miss
and there are many things about this life that i will miss whenever i return to a classroom

like snuggling in to read a book together
having those hilarious conversations with 3 year olds
setting my own hours
having an excuse to wear yoga pants or running shorts as a wardrobe staple
putting babies down for naps
watching imagination come alive
privately giggling at made up rules for everything from candyland to the wii
packing lunches and leaving little notes inside
singing a good night song
speaking life and Gods love over children--freely

yeah...i miss the professional world and most of everything that means. but there's something to be said for the world i have found myself in the last few years.

and i know
that one of these days
i will be snuggling my own babies for a story before naptime
and putting notes in my own child's lunchbox

these two worlds won't be separate forever.

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Scotty Lover said...

I too love all those things you listed that you miss in the classroom.
I also love the Friday afternoon, when the kids have gone, most of the staff have gone, the cleaners are yet to arrive.
I survey the scene and realise the learning that has gone on through the week, and what the possiblities will be for the following week.
Sheer Bliss *S*

Vanessa said...

I loved this post! Many things that made my heart smile! :)