Tuesday, May 24, 2011

what i'm loving wednesday .5

i'm loving the food truck craze that has invaded nashville. so far i've only tried the grilled cheeserie but it was AMAZING!

i'm loving this new brand of water additive. it's working for me in that i'm not driving through fast food places to get actual sweet tea anymore...or VERY rarely. i'd imagine it's saving me a few hundred calories per week

i'm loving my little garden full of herbs, tomato plants, cucumber and squash. here's hoping the last 3 flourish!

i'm loving that the cicada invasion is nearly over...but as a little comic relief i'm loving this profile pic i saw on someone's twitter account.

i'm loving that one of my jobs takes me to music row. it's a fantastic area to walk/run/jog in between lessons. now if ONLY i would remember to keep a pair of shorts and tennis shoes in the car!

i'm loving that le fiancé and i got to have a date night to les misérables the other night. it was SO.NICE to have a night out at the theater and we had amazing seats!

(and he bought me a shirt--SO sweet!! i'm loving his generosity...and look at that adorable grin!)

i'm loving that my future in-laws gave me my birthday gift last week--toms!!

i'm loving that i have a snuggly girl for at least a few minutes a day--she always hops up in bed at night for a cuddle. :-)


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