Monday, May 30, 2011

on saturday i found inspiration in a bowl of pasta

which, if you know me, wouldn't necessarily come as a surprise
i do love my carbs.

but really
i was home after a session
at an amazing worship conference that's going on this weekend
and i was grabbing a quick lunch

i had made a pasta salad a couple of days earlier
and as i was cooking something else was absentmindedly eating a few bites of it
when some of the words spoken that morning began churning through my mind

words about the Living Water
rivers of Life
rushing water

i don't know how many times God uses references to water
when describing relationship with us, works within us, etc

i can think of several off the top of my head.

but the one that keeps throwing itself into the forefront of my mind

Jesus telling the woman at the well
that HE is the Living Water
and that if she drinks of the water He brings she will never thirst again

and as i looked down at my simple bowl of pasta it started to click in my mind

this simple and abundant substance
does really wacky things to other objects!

like that dried out pasta that's too hard to eat
completely changes character after a few moments in the water never returns to it's original state


water causes growth in my garden
water purifies and cleanses anything it touches. 
boiling water sterilizes objects that are immersed into it. 
it refreshes and hydrates any living being that drinks of it

if plain tap water does all of that
water from the earthly sources of lakes, streams, rivers

how much more
can water from THE Source
cause growth...purify and cleanse...refresh...hydrate...bring life to us
completely change us

i don't know about you,
but i am ready for those rivers of refreshing, living Water
to completely wash over me
in a continuous flow

yeah...He's good.

there is a river whose streams make glad the city of our God (psalm 46.4)


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