Sunday, August 14, 2011

hcg week four wrap-up

i'm making a wild guess here that you could care less what i ate every day this week

although, for anyone doing hcg, i'll tell you that sparkling water, vanilla creme stevia, and sliced strawberries make a nice change up for a snack ;)

or that mixing your 1 allotted tablespoon of milk with horseradish mustard, tony's seasoning (spicier) and a few other random spices you find lying about makes a GREAT dressing.

or that atlanta's cnn center has a GREAT food court with several hcg friendly choices.  i had steak fajita meat over lettuce at a mexican restaurant and cucumbers with spicy chicken at salad sensations (all their stuff is made without butter or oil, it's

and, for this week's numbers: i lost 5 pounds and 5 inches (first time ever those two have matched...)

total pounds lost: 18.3
total inches lost: 24.5


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