Monday, August 1, 2011

hey it's ok (tuesday)

hey, it's ok be irritated when driving in rush hour at the number of people illegally in the hov lane. in 38 cars, i counted 6 that had more than just the driver. that includes the guy who had a 7 year old in the front passenger seat. wonder if you'll ever EVER catch up on sleep, ever. groan internally when the loud or messy toys emerge feel pretty good about solving problems for several people in one day, especially when gratitude is expressed have design ideas and organizational gems constantly running through your head these days have become addicted to pinterest in a very short amount of time not really understand either google+ or spotify just yet. most likely because all free time is spent on pinterest adore every single child in your care, but to really enjoy a few hours a week when you're WORKING with ADULTS! feel like a lot was accomplished over the weekend: honeymoon booked, wedding rings bought, and save the dates emailed be looking forward to naptime. a lot.

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Katie Gates said...

Your mention of the HOV lane reminded me of a piece I read in the LA Times years ago. The columnist had several meetings one day, so he hired a Day Laborer to ride around with him so that he could use the carpool lane... Aside from that, is it okay not to know what pinterest is? Given what you've said here, though, I think I'm going to need to find out!