Tuesday, August 16, 2011

prayers needed

our friends Cameron and Liz have two precious little girls.
and the youngest, Abygail, ran into the street on saturday evening and was hit by a car
she's 3 years old

and i've been obsessively watching the parent's updates, but haven't wanted to make a post about it because i didn't want to link to their facebook pages.

however, they have now created a blog
which will continually post the updates.

can you please, please take a moment
to pray for this family
this amazing little girl?

she continues to amaze the doctors
her parents give all glory to God
all thanks to the thousands of people praying

our God is HEALER, awesome in power...
these words are constant in my soul when i think of this family

please join us, if you will

here's the blog: http://prayingforabygail.wordpress.com/

thank you all