Tuesday, August 16, 2011

hey, it's ok (tuesday)

hey, it's ok

...to be sooooo sleepy
...to "trap" the baby and yourself upstairs when she decides to climb the stairs, because frankly you're tired of chasing her. either (a) she wants to play upstairs and will be content or (b) realize that she's stuck in the place she chooses if she climbs and not climb as often. either way, we both win :-)
...to be excited about stocking a nice, spacious pantry
...on that note, to be thrilled to be able to move a little at a time.  and YES i know y'all still don't know the story.  it deserves it's own post ;-)
...to be almost a little sad that this phase of the diet is nearly over.  i mean, eating dairy and olive oil again will be really nice.  but i have felt SO.GOOD on this phase, and i know for sure that sugar intake will be MUCH less from this point on
...to really, really, really want to organize your cd collection.  but to realize that it would be pointless since you're going to be merging collections soon anyway...
...to realize that the very nature of moving means that there will be plans needed and organization galore and that means you can be in your happy place for a very.long.time :D

mmmkay, that was a bit boring, no?  sorry...maybe i'll have better things next time around!

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