Thursday, August 18, 2011

thursday's ten: summer movie edition

so.  i haven't been to the movies since...
um, i don't remember. i do remember that i went with natasha, and that we laughed and laughed at inappropriate things...
(a sometimes inappropriate but hilarious and somehow redeeming movie.  do i recommend?  depends on who you are ;-)

and before THAT?
i have NO idea what the last movie in the theater was.


here's a short list (because there are probably more) of recent-ish movies
that i would like to see.  sooner rather than later
(hey, the good news is that we're moving about 2 miles away from the only $1.50 theater in the that's cool)

1.  the help. 
but...i need to read the book first!  anyone local have a copy i can borrow?  i'm pretty sure the library will have a waiting list a mile long...perhaps i should just break down and buy it ;-)
2.  mr poppers penguins
i know, i know.  i'm a dork.'s PENGUINS.  and the book is adorable, so why not the movie?
3.  water for elephants
(yeah, i told you it had been awhile...)
4.  cars 2
but of course!
5.  midnight in paris
why?  because it's paris...and critics actually like it so i'm willing to give it a chance
6.  captain america
because so now i'm curious :-)
7.  something borrowed
because my sisters in law REALLY wanted to go see it together and we never i'm planning to have them over to watch it as soon as i get moved ;-)
8.  the adjustment bureau
because i'm a sucker for movies like this
9.  cedar rapids
because it looks stupid funny
10.  happythankyoumoreplease
because the storyline looks intriguing

what about you?  have you seen any of these?  tell me whether you think they're a must-see, a horrible waste of time, or somewhere in between.  and of course, if you have any recent movie recommendations please share them! full disclosure is that i had to look up recent movies to even come up with half this list, so i probably NEED to be told the good movies out there! :D

PLEASE feel free to play along!


Mattie said...

Hey L-The Help is on sale at Target this week for $10. I borrowed it from someone so I don't have a copy or I would lend it to you-it is very good! So is the movie. :)

Brooke said...

we mostly watch everything on netflix so i haven't seen any of these!

Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride said...

Okay, so I REALLY loved Captain America. I still want to see Cars2 and Midnight in Paris.

I kind of want to see The Help, but I didn't read the book.