Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday's Ten -- Nashville

Ten Things to Do in Nashville with Guests

I have great friends that are scattered all throughout the country. This week, one of my suitemates from freshman and sophomore years of college is here! Gwen and I haven't spent any real time together in YEARS, so I'm really excited that she'll show up at my house TONIGHT to spend the weekend (she has been at her brother's house down the road for the last few days). Then, later in March one of my best friends from high school, Nicole, will be spending a weekend with me. Here's the places I love to take my friends who visit.

1. Radnor Lake. I posted pictures earlier this week from there. It's absolutely one of my favorite places in the city. A short walk gets you to the lake, but you can most definitely take a longer and more strenuous hike--which is what I prefer. Something for everyone.
2. The Village. Hillsboro Village, to be exact. It's a very artsy-fartsy area around Vanderbilt and Belmont campuses. Unique dining establishments, cute little shops, and also a great running area! (no, I don't make all my guests exercise with me! Although I have been known to drag a few to yoga class with me!)
3. Franklin, TN. Just a few miles from Nashville, and voted the best small town in TN several years in a row. This place has it all. Great places for lunch, a real city square, a pub, and lots of little boutiques. It's also a VERY family friendly place. Be prepared to see lots of moms/nannies and kids.
4. Opryland Hotel. It's beautiful, especially all lit up for Christmas.
5. the Pub. Dan McGuiness in Cool Springs, to be exact. Friday or Saturday night, to be precise. That's when our friends Sean and Josh play live Irish music. Fun, fun.
6. downtown. There's so much touristy stuff--the Wildhorse, Tootsies, etc...but just walking up and down 2nd Avenue is fabulous.
7. Baja Burrito. It's a Nashville must-eat-at.
8. Centennial Park. It's even got an exact replica of the Parthenon...just in case you can't swing that trip to Greece!
9. Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. Unfortunately there's more of a limit on when I can take people, but it's GORGEOUS in the summer!
10. The Frist. Especially when they have an Impressionist exhibit featured!

and for our spiritual focus of the day...

Prayer for Lent (from

Lord, your love for me is so great, you breath life into my dry and dusty soul. You satisfy my thirst with living water. You anoint my head with perfumed oil. Yes! By your astounding mercy and love, I am no longer dead, but alive! And though I repeatedly refuse your blessing of milk and honey, choosing instead to wallow in the very dust you free me from, each day you lift me up again. I am redeemed by you, again and again. Praise you Lord. May your name echo through the whole Earth!



Live.Love.Eat said...

Oh, I wish I was a friend visiting you! The list looks like fun!!!! I just love when friends visit. It's really a happy time. Have fun and thanks for visiting me and saying hello!

Susie said...

What a great list!!! Lot's of wonderful places to visit:-)

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments. I hope to see you there again soon:-)

Leslie said...

I love, Nashville!! I would love to go back when I have more time. We did go to Tootsies.. and Opryland.. and Cooters! :) :)

Anonymous said...

I wanted to let you know that you are one of my "Pay-it-Forward" giveaway winners! Will you email me your info so I can send out your goodies? Thanks and I hope you are having a great weekend!

Shanda said...

I hope you've had a blast with your friend! I love the Opryland Hotel at Christmas as well!