Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday's Ten

Ten Books You Probably Should Read...or at least that I recommend you read!

1. The Shack (William P Young)
i know. it's becoming cliche. but there's a reason for that. I thought I had a pretty open view of God...and after a few pages into this book I realized how much room for growth I had in that area. Amazing piece of work.

Girl Meets God (Lauren Winner)
amazing story of one woman's faith journey...that turns out to reflect many of our stories

3. The Memory Keeper's Daughter (Kim Edwards)

4. The Secret Life of Bees (Sue Monk Kidd)

5. Real Sex (Lauren Winner)
yes, I'm single. it isn't REALLY about sex. well, it is. just not in that way.

6. The Five Love Languages (Gary Chapman)
I learned a LOT about myself from this book

7. The Kite Runner (
Khaled Hosseini)

8. The Book of Uncommon Prayer (edited by Constance Pollock and Daniel Pollock)
this is an amazing collection of writings from well-known authors throughout the ages that all reflect on their picture of God. I love it.

9. Blue Like Jazz (Donald Miller)
amazing, honest and direct look at faith

10. Grace For the Moment (Max Lucado)


Nicole O'Dell said...

I'm really intrigued by your list.

I have the Shack but haven't read it. I intend to, though.

I've heard a lot about The Memory Keeper's Daughter. I want to read that one!

Ditto the Secret Life.

Real Sex? Nah...not interested. LOL J/K

I'd have to say that the 5 love lang. has to be one of the books that affected me most in life. I read it a decade ago and I've never forgotten what I learned. I would recommend this book to any married person, to any person who planned to be married one day, to every parent and every friend. It applies to every relationship and it neatly ties all of the loose ends together.

#10--Max Lucado anything has to be good.

Leslie said...

I loved the 5 love languages. I'm going to have to print this list!! Thanks for the suggestions. :)

Lisa said...

The Kite Runner is one of my favorite books of all time! Thanks for the suggestions on the others.