Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday's Memory: The One With Disney and a University President

(thats me, far left, holding the iced coffee and Disney bag. not much has changed in my love of coffee and shopping!)

In 2002, one of the choirs I was involved in took a bus to Orlando for a long weekend. We performed at several area churches, but we DID spend a day at Disney. We could pick one park, and my friends and I chose MGM Studios. My reasoning was that since I'd never been to Disney I'd rather come back and do it one day with my kids.
(or not. now I kinda just want to go!)

Anyway, my good friend Bethany (far right in the picture) and I caught up with some friends. We were lucky enough to get asked to be in the cast of a show because we got there early (although it made us really wet!) and I survived the Tower of Terror (never.again). I loved the Rock-n-Rollercoaster or whatever it's called because not only did it blast Aerosmith, it also was all in the dark so I couldn't tell when I was upside down!

We were surprised to bump into our university President when we were headed to the meeting spot. Apparently he had also chosen our park, and we asked to get a picture with him. Dr. Millard Reed is such an awesome and incredible man--I'm glad to have this little photo treasure :)



gaelikaa said...

It's great to look back on your memories and it's amazing the way an old snap can trigger them off. I like your blog very much. Dropped in from SITS. Have a good day.

Caitlin said...


The nearest bathroom is to your right, by the California Crazy camera. Because that is my special skill- I can find every bathroom on Disney property. :P

Brooke said...

honestly i wasn't a big fan of the magic kingdom when i went - MGM was my favorite so i think you made a great choice!

Aleta said...

My family and I went to Disney not long ago. I loved it there. Your post brought back some fun memories :)

Donn24g said...

Just dropped in from SITS to check out your blog... i love it. And I like you picture from Disney... i went there when i was really little with my family and dont remember much. Hopefully ill go back when i eventually have a family or something;) Have a great tuesday!

Katy and Ross said...

We went there on our honeymoon! It was amazing :)

Also, I love your new header & background!

Anonymous said...

We get to go there for Spring Break this year. Jim's taking the band and since he works as a tour guide for the travel company that is doing the trip, he can serve as his own travel guide and go free. Since I am band staff, I get to g ofree, so we just have to pay for the boys. They are so excited! (I'm not not looking forward to 14 hours on a bus with the abnd tryng to convince my 9 year old to sleep... but otherwise, I'm pretty excited too! :)). Jim and I went there right after we got married with the band he was student teaching with and he got me to ride the Tower of Terror 7 times! (he was trying to outdo the high school kids )

Eva Gallant said...

Thanks for visiting my blog on my SITS day!