Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday's Ten: Kitchen Staples

So, apparently I'm hungry as I'm writing this :)

Today's Ten is all about what you ALWAYS have in your kitchen. Just ten things...that you can whip a last-minute meal out of if need be!

Kitchen Must-Haves

1. Fire Roasted tomatoes (at least 3 cans)
2. chicken broth
3. pasta of some sort (if not several)
4. potatoes
5. milk
6. frozen veggies for when I'm out of fresh
7. eggs
8. cilantro (fresh, usually)
9. whipping cream
10. sauce, and plenty of it. my refrigerator door is impressive.

What about you? What do you *always* have on hand? Sign MckLinky and grab the button!



Brooke said...

1. rotel
2. canned veggies
3. powered milk (we don't drink it so i like the powered cause it doesn't go bad)
4. season all (jay has an addiction)
5. velveeta shells & cheese
6. minced garlic
7. pasta
8. rice (i'm almost out of white rice and considering switchign to brown)
9. Campbells chunky soup
10. frozen pizza

(those last two are just about all Jay will cook for himself if i'm not home)

Anonymous said...

1. Skim milk
2. Kraft Mac and Cheese
3. Pasta
4. Tomato sauce
5. Italian seasoning
6. Mozzarella and cheddar cheeses
7. Potatoes
8. Mt. Dew
9. Eggs
10. Canned veggies