Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday's Ten: Places You Want to Visit

I love SO many of the places that I've been, and always want to return (Boston, Chicago, Malibu, Vienna, etc) but I continually remind myself that there's a whole world out there! So today's ten is all about NEW places you want to visit. Places you've never been.

Here's my particular order

Lora's Next 10 Vacations

1. Ireland. The whole stinkin' island.
2. Sydney, Australia (and some other spots in Australia too...but I want to see that Opera House)
3. New York City, NY
4. San Diego, CA
5. Seattle, WA
6. Berlin, Germany
7. Napa Valley, CA
8. up and down the New England area
9. Charleston, SC (and while I'm there, Savannah Georgia)
10. Miami, FL

I'm sure when Anthony reads this he'll be surprised that not more of them are on a beach somewhere!

What about you? Where are 10 places you'd love to go?

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Brooke said...

new (and potentially unrealistic) places to see

1. Australia
2. Alaska
3. Hawaii (been to Oahu, but never explored the other islands)
4. Grand Tetons
5. Lake Louise
6. Yellowstone

hmmm...this is harder than i thought.

7. Normandy.
I hear france and french people suck. They aren't nice like we southerners. But my great uncle died at Normandy during the D-day invasion and I'd like to go there.

8. Cape Cod
My sister goes every year (her babysitter has a summer home there)and says its beautiful.

9. Italy
Not sure why, just sounds nice.

okay so i'm at a loss for #10.

Denise said...

1. Germany
2. Hawaii
3. Yellowstone
4. Italy
5. New York City @ Christmas
6. North & South Carolina
7. Savannah Georgia (& see Paula Deen)
8. California
9. Boston
10. Chicago

I always wanted to travel to France. However, this has been removed from my list after talking to people who have been. The cost is ridiculous and the bathrooms suck.

Stopping by from SITS!
Please stop by!

Chocolate Lover said...

I'd love to go to Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia... Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Unknown Mami said...

Pyramids in Mexico
New York
Grand Canyon
My bed
Costa Rica

Clare said...

Oh fun! let me see....

1. Italy. My husband is 3rd generation italian who has roots in Tuscany. Would love to go there but not drive. My Dad said that he has never been so scared on a road

2. Seattle.
3. Vancouver BC
4. Boston
5. Savannah, Ga
6. New Zealand.
7. Chicago
8. Memphis
9. Austria
10 Vermont

Bethany said...

Okay...10 Places I'd Love To Visit

1. Africa
2. Australia
3. Hawaii
4. Alaska
5. South Carolina (trying to get through my remaining states, haha!!)
6. Chicago
7. Egypt
8. Bethlehem
9. Brazil
10. Outer Space....yea, I know. Not likely!

Emily said...

At first I thought this would be really easy, but now I don't know. Umm, let's see...

1. Paris, France
2. Barcelona, Spain
3. anywhere in Australia
4. Capri
5. Positano, The Amalfi Coast
6. South Africa
7. Poland
8. Japan (which is good b/c I'm moving there this summer)
9. The Bahamas
10. The Canary Islands

...oh! and Bali! and, yeah, anywhere else I haven't already been!

What a fun post!

Laura said...

I pretty much want to go everywhere once.
If there were only enough money and enough years to live.

Anonymous said...

1. Santorini, Greece
2. Vatican
3. Rome
4. Venice
5. Tuscany
6. London
7. Paris
8. Sydney
9. Beijing
10. Madrid

No beaches in my list as well. That's because we have plenty here back home. :-)