Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday's Ten: V-day gifts

So...I had this great idea of posting these great gift ideas for your honey for Valentine's Day.

Unfortunately I HAVE no great ideas.

So here's a list of other great ideas...
(please, if you have a list of great ideas yourself, link and post! You'll be helping me out!)

Valentine's Day Gifts

1. Mini Love Albums from a favorite blogger
2. Geeky Valentine Gifts
3. Frugal ideas
4. Homemade Gifts
5. Out of the Box ideas
6. Gifts for Men (since most of these sites are more for the guys buying for us...)
7.a bunch of creative ideas for couples OR kids
8. lots of fun ideas here
9. more ideas for your man
10. and for those of you with more money than I to throw around...

Please join in...especially if you have ideas of your own!

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Next week will be your favorite quotes, sayings, songs or experiences of "love" or romance. It should be a fun one--start collecting now!


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