Wednesday, April 14, 2010


i have to take just a moment and get these out

Dear Crazy Neighbor Lady

(you who complain about dog poo being near your house when you happen to live right next to the common area where they are supposed to poo...and you who gave me an inquisition about having a car parked in MY other spot, yet have your friends park in MY space instead of your own all the time...)

I can handle a lot, but walking out of my front door and nearly stepping on the rake that was on my sidewalk, right next to my door, rake side UP? Not cool. Thank goodness I saw it, otherwise I would have surely punctured a foot. Please clean up after your adventures in gardening. I took the liberty of moving said rake to your yard (the entire foot). I'm fairly certain that's why you glared at me when I returned from the store. I'm equally certain that I don't care. My feet are intact, no thanks to you.

your sane(r) neighbor

Dear American Idol,

I really do only watch for poops and giggles lately (and more often it's light on the giggles)
but comparing Adam Lambert to Elvis Presley is a stretch even for you. I honestly thought Miley Cyrus as a mentor was the worst you were going to do this season. How wrong I was!
It's over, AI
I have no more love for you.

the girl who only watches for the judges comments anyway

Dear Facebook Friend who shall remain nameless

Please do a little fact checking before bringing up that tired argument and invalid link to "Obama admitting he's a Muslim". Really? First of all...religion *really* shouldn't matter in politics. Second...he professes to be a Christian just as George W. Bush does. If we believe one, we should believe the other.
(now I actually do know quite a few things about Islam. having a father who is a Muslim makes him culturally a Muslim, and one in the eyes of that particular faith. but guess what? he gets to make a choice, and unless there's been a huge revelation that I'm unaware of, he and his family are good 'ol Protestants under that Christian umbrella.)

"I get the feeling that admitting that our current President is of the same faith as our former President...and you...scares you because you happen to not agree with him on several points and *gasp, shock* we certainly can't disagree as Christians! I mean, all Protestant denominations agree on EVERYTHING, and there is certainly no divide between Catholics and Protestants ANYWHERE in the world"

Ahhhh, I feel better. Anyone you need to write an open letter to?

(ps: I'll be sure to fill you in on the more serious stuff going on in my life as soon as I know more. I'm playing the waiting game right now which is a whole other 'open letter' of it's own :)



Erin said...

Your letter to the random facebook friend was fabulouso (which is MUCH cooler than just plan fabulous). I had the same rant about a month ago after a "friend posted a video "proving" that Obama was Muslim. I wathed the video and was apalled. Seriously? This was PROOF? I am in no means a lover of all things Obama but that video was a joke. It was cut and edited so poorly that anyone with 3.47 brain cells would have questioned its authenticity. So I "replied" to said video and apparently made my "friend" look like an "idiot"...which he didn't "like."
Sorry for all the quotes. It's my way of saying acceptable things when I really want to say uglier things.
Anyhow, I'm with you on this topic. Don't you think that if there were irrefutable proof that our Commander & Chief were Muslim that the big boys of news would be running it nonstop and we wouldn't need to rely on FB for breaking news?? Nope..that jut makes too much sense.
I am still praying for your situation and that God will give you peace and guidance on this journey.

Brooke said...

funny - i had a neighbor like that too. sooooooo glad to be out of the house factory 1/2 acre lot neighborhood!!

my letter?

Dear husband

please stop being a sh*thead. i mostly love you. but i'm not liking you too much right now.

your loving wife

Sassy Chica said...

Love your random letters!

Neighbors...I was blessed with awesome neighhbors however there are a few which I would gladly trade:)

American Idol, so over it...dont even have the stomach to watch any more.

Facebook...I love it and am a regular, however I always have to think twice sometimes more before posting ANYTHING, then I wonder and contimplate how people may take my post or comment..why do i consume myself with such nonsense, I am a blogger for crying out loud, lol:)

Sassy Chica