Monday, April 5, 2010

...the Easter promise...

because HE lives
i can face tomorrow

and tomorrow
(both literally the day and figuratively the next few days/weeks)
promises many things
tumultuous times

some really heavy things on my heart
some really big
and hard
decisions to be made
(and made *for* me)

through the last few days
i've felt sadness
but through it all

it's not a peace that i can claim that originates from me
believe me, when i tell you the whole story
(and i will)
you will understand

i cannot POSSIBLY be this calm
this peaceful
this resigned

it is only through Christ in me

and that is what Easter means to me this year
that because HE lives
i can face tomorrow
and every moment
every obstacle
every joy-stealer
it hurls my way

it's an old song
that we sang in my home church
every Easter
one that would sometimes make me roll my eyes
because of the repetition

funny that it's been a constant refrain in my soul all day today
(even though my church home now has never sang it that i know of)

because He lives

because HE lives.

(please keep the prayers coming. i still need them. and i can feel them...and thank you for that)



Megan said...

I love the song you're referencing and you are so right!

I'm sending you tons and TONS of prayers!!! (((HUGS)))

Brooke said...

its a gorgeous song - my prayers for you for the days to follow *hugs*

HappyascanB said...

I love that hymn! Praying for you, sweet friend!