Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stop with the Formulas

part one of an amazing story

i was given the "word" to stop with the formulas on thursday night
friday morning i found out that i have 10 days to vacate the property, and will receive a nice sum of money if i do in that amount of time
and if i choose not to do that i'll just wait around for a sherrif's notice of eviction
clearly i'm taking the cash for keys!

but with the new information came the temptation
to start again with the formulas
and for awhile i gave in
i started on craigslist
looking at sublets, apartments and houses for rent
taking note of the prices
"for the future"

anthony texted and started helping with several pros and cons
of the many generous offers i've had of people's guest rooms and couches
then we got on the phone and started having a conversation with more and more ideas
trying to help me make sense of where to go from here
until i finally told him


i'm not supposed to be coming up with formulas, remember?
i feel like i need to be obedient to that
i need to get off craigslist
i need to not hear the pros and cons of places to go
i love and appreciate that you're thinking and problem solving
continue to do that
but write it down
i can't think about this until sunday
(remember that, it's important)

later in the day
i told two separate friends
that i felt like the answer to this
is one that none of us know about yet
one that no one has yet considered

i told them further
that i felt like somewhere
in my network of Christian friends
spanning several churches wide
that there was someone
who has a property
that they need taken care of
that they will offer me a mutually beneficial arrangement
where i will live at a reduced rate
and in return be helping them with things that need to be taken care of
that they will see it as an opportunity for service
and that i can serve them in some way too

i knew that this idea was not from me
because lora is a planner
she thinks, and formulates, and comes up with solutions
everything fits nicely and neatly together

(at least that was lora before august 2008)

so for me to say
"someone has a property?"
"i'm going to be taken care of"

that's SO not me.

it HAS to be God. be continued...



Megan said...

Wow, I just read the previous post and this one. You've got me on the edge of my seat. lol I'm sorry you're losing your house but this story sounds like it's got a good ending. Looking forward to hearing the rest. (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about your house. I think you're incredibly brave to have faith because I know I would not in the same situation.

Mademoiselle Deva said...

I am really sorry that you have to find a new place to live! Please stay positive and I truly believe you will find something which suits you best in this situation!

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................