Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday's Ten: Things I'm Discovering Through...

I know we're not all in the same situations right now, so adapt this to what you're doing right now
(things i'm discovering through pregnancy, mommyhood, running, new job, whatever)


Ten Things I'm Discovering Through Moving
(some of which i already knew but have been reminded of)

1. I'm a horrid packrat.
2. No one needs this many buttons, safety pins, or receipts.
3. Help is golden.
4. I don't care nearly as much about being organized when I have a deadline to meet. Throw it in a box and sort it out later!
5. Dishwashers breaking when one needs to wash a load and a half of dishes sucks. However, if you no longer OWN said dishwasher...oh well! :)
6. Breaks are golden too.
7. No matter how prepared I am, or how much time I have to move, I am STILL in panic mode at the end. This move I wasn't prepared at ALL (literally found out 10 days before the moveout day that I had to be out that day) and I'm not nearly as stressed. Why? Because I'm prioritizing. Those things that are precious and valuable to me are already packed or earmarked to be with me. Those things that aren't I couldn't care less about. Dump and Nashville Rescue Mission--both will be bursting at the seams with my donations on Friday!
(I guarantee you I won't be such a packrat in the future. Sentimental? Yes. But for scrapbooking and stuff. Not for stupid things that don't matter.)
8. Ellen playing on the DVR while I'm packing in the living room = priceless.
9. There isn't enough caffeine in the house.
10. I'm going to be a much better person for this move. :0)



Erin said...

I {heart} Ellen, too :-)

Caution Flag said...

Moving is horrible! HORRIBLE!!

Brooke said...

part of me thinks moving is great - to get rid of all the crap that Jay manages to collect. the other part sucks - finding a place for all jay's packrat crap :P

Ronnica said...

I'll be moving in a month...going to start packing this weekend. I hate having to devote all my time to it!

InspiredDreamer said...

Hey it's awesome that you can find the good things in a crazy move! I moved to an apartment across the hall on 2 day's notice (from "hey, is that nice big apartment up for rent" to "wait, you want me in there by FRIDAY??") so I kinda get where you're coming from. Thank goodness it was just down the hall, because seriously I was doing the college "throw everything in a garbage bag and deal with it sometime" thing. I still have a duffel bag full of stuff I clearly don't need that I haven't gone through--and it's been like a year. :)

Have an Extraordinary Day!

Laura said...

I've moved many times. I've learned that I can be happy in many different settings. I know moving is stressful, but I wish you much happiness in your new digs. New adventures ahead.