Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday's Ten: U-Pick 10

Hey all. Coming to you late today. I'm dealing with a lot today, so I'm not really "here"...and am a bit sleep-deprived, so I didn't come up with a fantastic topic like usual (yeah right!)

You know how Panera has the "U-Pick 2" deal? I always get french onion soup and half a sandwich...

Anyway, this is your own U-Pick list. Your topic, your ideas, your blog. I'm going to list 10 random things that are on my mind, but you go with whatever. Ok? :0)

1. I have a 30 before I'm 30 list. Hopefully I'll post it while I'm still 29.
2. I had dinner at 11:45 last night. Mmmm, healthy.
3. Easter is my favorite holiday of the year, candywise at least. (Christmas is really. But Easter has Cadbury mini eggs. And jelly beans. Ahhh)
4. Laffy Taffy has the WORST jokes on their packages. Do 5 year olds work there?
5. When I get a sinus infection my ear piercings get infected. How odd is that?
6. I love shows like "The Middle" and "Parks and Recreation". They did their research on rural Indiana...
7. I could do a 5K every week of the year. It's really hard to limit when there's so many I want to do...but the cost helps me there :-)
8. I did a bracket for the NCAA this year. First year in a long time. I may have caught the basketball bug again...uh-oh
9. I'm loving the Wii. I borrowed Mario Galaxy from a friend and I'm totally addicted (actually Anthony borrowed it, asked said friend if I could borrow it too...does that mean I borrowed it from Anthony or our friend or both?)
10. I've been craving a strawberry Italian cream soda for about a week. Must.find.strawberry.syrup to make one. World Market here I come!

Can I add a bonus? The Windows 7 commercials Could it be because I've switched over to Mac or are they really that DANG ANNOYING?!

Ok. I can't really muster up more than that today. I love you all and still need your prayers and I work through some pretty major stuff.



Anonymous said...

I agree, those Windows 7 commercials have gotten really obnoxious! I'm annoyed every time I see one now.

Brooke said...

you've got it on the prayers.

5Ks are like that around here too and i love it!!

ps - i nominated you for an award. go to my blog to check it out.

Elle said...

I, too, hate the Windows 7 commercials, but I'm also a relatively recent Mac convert. I don't think that much matters, because the commercials are just obnoxious!

Positive thoughts coming your way; hope you're able to work through the major stuff as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Megan said...

I think most commercials are beyond annoying!!

I wish it wasn't such a pain to switch our Wii wires around or else I'd use it a lot more.

I agree. Laffy Taffy jokes are pretty dumb!

Also agree that the best candy comes out at Easter time!


CJ said...

I am totally with you on the Windows commercials!! They are so stupid. Perhaps the joke writters for Laffy Taffy and these commericals are working togehter?!