Tuesday, February 1, 2011

meal planning tuesdays

my friend casondra who is an AMAZING cook has started this little blog deal...and i love it! so i'll make every attempt to join in on a weekly basis!  hopefully it will keep me accountable not only with healthy options, but also with financial meal planning :)

Meal Planning Tuesdays

because of my crazy schedule mine is a bit scattered...but here's my best guess of how this week will look.

tuesday (today)
breakfast: coffee
lunch: pita bread, hummus and veggies
dinner: taco soup at anthony's

breakfast: coffee, bagel and cream cheese
lunch: at my nanny gig...most likely from their freezer
dinner: chick fila on the way to babysit IF there is time, otherwise i'll bring leftover thai noodles as a backup :)

breakfast: coffee
lunch: again at the nanny gig -- take leftover thai noodles if i didn't eat them wednesday night
dinner: we're celebrating a friend's birthday at a tapas restaurant

breakfast: coffee, bagel
lunch: nanny gig -- take leftover burger
dinner: date night...all i know is that we're going somewhere "nice". :)

breakfast: coffee
lunch: leftover greek meatloaf
dinner: we've been invited over to anthony's aunt and granny's for dinner...so naturally we've accepted :)

breakfast: coffee
lunch: leftovers
dinner: it's superbowl sunday, so whatever is at the party :)

breakfast: coffee and bagel
lunch: at nanny gig
dinner: sausage and ravioli lasagna

shopping list:
since i'm eating outside my own house a LOT this week, i'm just picking up coupon deals and the following ingredients for the sausage and ravioli lasagna at trader joe's

  • pesto sauce
  • tomato basil sauce
  • sausage
the rest i have leftover from making it this past monday!

hopefully next week will be a bit more normal around here!


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Brooke said...

does coffee really count as breakfast?? :P date night sounds fun!