Thursday, February 17, 2011

thursday's ten: games

heads up: NEXT week, we're doing things you see as you drive every day. because, folks...i see some STRANGE things on my way to work every day and i cannot WAIT to share them with you. i just have to collect pictures or you'll never believe me. ;)

today, however, i thought i'd share 10 of my favorite games with you. board, video, iphone, etc :)

1. scrabble
this is the first game that anthony and i played together...and it is a game that i remember playing with my grandma a couple of times when i was growing up. i bought him this awesome edition for valentine's day:
and of COURSE there's the portable, hand held version, words with friends for your phone! (iphone and droid at least)

2. pandemic
a strategic cooperative game that is SO.ADDICTIVE.  seriously, if any of you ever come to visit, we will totally make you learn this game.

3. wiifit

i love wiifit.  yes, i know it's not a *fantastic* workout, but it DOES keep me moving in the midst of dark and dreary winter...and i love tracking my weight loss on a consistent basis.  it's a helpful tool...and it's pretty fun!

4. angry birds
love this game on my iphone -- and i know it's availible for droid as well, since everyone in anthony's family has now purchased it! :)

5. mario
the original is awesome, of course.  and these two wii games are pretty darn fun as well!

6. little big planet
anthony has this for his playstation.  i love it!  it's a game where we work together but we're still competing.  he always wins...he is the more experienced gamer...but it's still fun

7. peggle
another playstation game, but it's also available for several phones!

8. rock band
i'm not sure if the musician in me should run away screaming from the rock band games or embrace them, but i gotta say...they are FUN.  my other gift to anthony for valentine's was rock band 3 -- or, the disk of it at least.  we're splitting the cost of the keyboard addition :)

9. life
i was always upset if i didn't get any babies in my car, but other than that i love the game ;)

10. drop 7
this is one i have on my phone (and is also available for droid).  anthony found it and it's fascinating.  i LOVE it and am so addicted to it! basically it's kind of tetris meets sudoku...

(all of the above games can be purchased from, itunes, or local retailers :)  the particular edition of scrabble i got for anthony was a barnes and noble exclusive, but it may be hard to find, as the online store no longer has it available.)

so...what games do you enjoy? 



Brooke said...

if i get to go to work tomorrow i'll post for next week. monday is vaca so tomorrow is my last shot.

CptnMayhem said...

You forgot to mention that you currently kick my butt at both Drop7 and Peggle :)

And I don't think any of us have purchased Angry Birds. It's free on the Android Market.