Thursday, February 24, 2011

thursday's ten: oscar buzz

oooookay, i KNOW i said "things on your daily drive" for this week, but i kinda forgot about the oscars this weekend.

so, push that to next week, mmmkay?

anthony and i, with his roommate kyle, are throwing a red carpet party this year
and the twist is that we've asked people to bring a dish based on a best picture nominee.

i haven't decided what i'm making yet
but here are a few ideas
(the recipes that i already have on my blog are marked with *)

1 - black and white cookies, buffalo "swan" dip*
(black swan)
2 - soda bread (ok, i prefer this one because it's authentic Irish tips, but the other is simpler for our quick american parties), shepherd's pie*
(the fighter)
3 - "inception" wings, jello shots
4 - strawberry-rhubarb pie, deviled eggs*
(the kids are all right)
5 - tea and cucumber sandwiches
(the king's speech)
6 - "like this" cookies -- use a sugar cookie dough and this thumbs up cookie cutter
(the social network)
7 - hummus (probably a pretty plain one) and veggies, trail mix
(127 hours)
8 - horseradish mashed potatoes, haystacks
(winter's bone)
9 - cowboy beans, cheese grits, ranch stuffed potato skins*
(true grit)
10 - macaroni and cheese, pigs in a blanket, green alien cupcakes
(toy story 3)

so if you were coming to our party...what would you bring?  if it's something not on my list PLEASE share!  i'm not convinced i want to make any of these!


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