Monday, February 21, 2011

monday's memory: the one where it's pretty fresh on my mind...

after much thought, consideration and prayer
anthony and i have come to a decision
to stop dating.

last night, we went to dinner at this fantastic gourmet burger place around the corner from his place.
(seriously gourmet, i had a lamb burger!)

while we were there, anthony mentioned that he had left his journal at church that morning.  since it was on the way back to my house, we decided to stop and get it on the way back.

then his aunt texted me to say that she was dropping our girl scout cookies off at his parents house, would we be around there tonight?  i told her we could stop by in a few minutes.  but anthony wanted to go to the church first.

so we drove up to the church and saw that there was a funeral being held upstairs.  anthony made the wise decision to park to the side a bit and walk in the side door, crossing his fingers that it was open (it was).  he walked inside.

and i waited.
and waited.
and waited.
i was occupied enough with twitter and facebook and words with friends for awhile
but then i noticed that 30 minutes had gone by

i began to get annoyed.
thinking there must be something REALLY personal in this journal
or that he had run into someone he knew and got caught up talking
but SURELY he would have texted me to let me know that had happened...
perhaps he was sick or something...
but SURELY he would have called/texted to say that

and then i got a notification from words with friends
saying that he'd made a move in our game
so i KNEW he was ok

and so i played back and in the "chat" wrote something on the order of
"you've been in there a LONG time.  what are you doing??"

no response.


his sister texts me, saying her mom was wondering if we were going to be there soon
i reply that i seem to have lost her brother.
i text him
i wait
i call him
(45 minutes have gone by)
i may have mentioned in my voicemail that his phone had rang several times, so i was pretty sure he was getting reception...
his sister calls me
she suggests i go look for him
i say maybe

i finally get fed up enough to emerge from the car.
and go downstairs to the teen center
now, remember that there is a FUNERAL going on upstairs.
so when i crack open the doors and see candles, i panic and close them thinking "it's a vigil area!"

so i go to the only other place i can think of
i begin knocking on the men's bathroom door
and am thisclose to opening it
when anthony emerges from the teen center
saying "you are one stubborn woman."

and of course, i'm going "what are you DOING in there?!"
he tells me to come in
and i do, still a bit upset

and then i notice his sister's flip video camera on the counter
and hear him begin making a speech
about how this is the place we met, this is the place it all began
and all of a sudden i'm not quite so angry anymore
and then he drops to one knee
and the next thing i know
i'm an engaged woman

the next few hours were spent calling and texting and hugging
(his aunt that texted me asking if we were coming to his parents?  had NO.CLUE.  she had been invited over, and just *happened* to text to see if we were coming.  her reaction may have been my favorite -- jaw dropping in slow motion upon seeing my finger.)
(his sister and roommate were in the building...hiding in one of the adjacent rooms.  they burst out after the ring was on my finger.)
(his other sister, when i walked into the house screamed "WE GET ANOTHER SISTER!!")

so yes, we've decided to stop dating
and take the next step
we're hoping for a particular church and are kind of going to set a date based on availability...
and there are TONS of other details to be dealt with
although i hold to my statement i have always made
that really, i just want a pretty dress
and people we love surrounding us

(this, by the way, means our guest list is already looking huge.  gulp.)

i promise to show you better pictures of the ring
when i, um, figure out how to TAKE a better picture of the ring!
he picked it out by himself
and drove up to indiana last thursday to ask my dad's permission
(which is a total southern thing...but so incredibly sweet and charming)

i'm thrilled
and so excited that it's official
that i get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend :D

you know the *really* funny thing?
after all that drama...

...he still left his journal at church...



CptnMayhem said...

I don't care if I still left it...

it was all worth it for you.

CptnMayhem said...

And it is NOT just a southern thing. I so resent that statement. It has nothing to do with my being southern, and EVERYTHING to do with my wanting to honor your father with this process.

If that's southern, then you Yankees SUCK :P

Sara said...

I am BEYOND THRILLED for you!!!! I can't wait to follow you on this journey. You are an amazing woman and I've enjoyed peeking in the window of your world a bit. Thank you for letting me in. :)

Heather said...

Oh...ahahahahahaha!! You SO had me going. I was like oh my, that's aweful...then oh, oh, oh, how SWEEET!!! ;-)

Congratulations!!!! :)

Tash said...

I could not love this anymore :)

Aleta said...

Awwww, what a sweet, romantic way to propose... Awwww.... Congratulations!!

HappyascanB said...

Love your fiance's comments here! :)

and YAY! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! Sooooo excited for you, Lora! I cannot wait to read all about the planning process, wedding, etc. Enjoy every single second! The best is surely yet to be!

Lucy said...

WOW!! Congratulations.

And you really know how to tell a story :)

Mattie said...

Congrats! I was hoping you'd post "the story" :) So happy for you!

Bethany said...

Okay so obviously when I came here tonight to the blog I knew you were already engaged but then the beginning of your post had me completely thrown. Congratulations! :)

Megan said...

Awwwww Congratulations!!! SO happy for you!!

(My hub asked my dad for permission, too, and we live in WA State. ;0) )