Thursday, September 8, 2011

thursday's ten: choose your own adventure...

um.  it's been WEEKS since i've posted.  so today's thursday's ten is going to be a choose your own adventure.  each number is something i need to tell you about/update you on.  so...comment with a number or two and that will determine which order i go in!

1.  our housing situation...the amazing God-story
2.  anthony's job
3.  my new job(s)
4.  the recipes i've been trying lately
5.  how much weight i ACTUALLY lost on the diet :D
6.  wedding updates
7.  our indiana shower
8.  pinterest ideas that i've actually used
9.  women of faith in atlanta
10.  our friend's visit this weekend

SO.  all will be talked about (geez, i'd better get to typing), you just choose which ones first :D

and...yeah.  i promise i will get to my google reader now and start commenting on all your lovely blogs that i have truly missed SO MUCH.  in my defense i've been moving for the last 2 weeks and just got internet TODAY at the new place.  :-)



Casondra said...

So, I'm all for you just going down the list in order....with the exception of WOF. I REALLY want to hear how awesome it was.

HappyascanB said...

Wedding and house updates would be my top two! But I also want to hear about all of them!! Glad to hear from you!

Brooke said...

I'd love to hear about the God house thing, your weight loss, and the Women of Faith conference (in that order) then i'll take the rest. please and thank you :)