Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday's Ten

I'm awfully nostalgic this week (probably because of the college and kid pics I've been scanning in for facebook). So this week, I'm posting 10 of my favorite pictures. Note that they aren't necessarily my 10 favorites, but 10 OF my favorites. :0)

Sunset on my lake (Hendersonville, TN)

Radnor Lake (Nashville, TN)

Snow in Nashville!

Another Sunset

Courtyard Bench (Boston, MA)

Just a TN drive home

Blessed Mother (Franklin, TN)

Beautiful Beach (Malibu, CA)
Santa Barbara Mission (Santa Barbara, CA)

happy couple


Tranquility said...

Very, very pretty photos!

Leslie said...

I love them! *For the challenge.. your letter is "A"* :)

Bethany said...

Beautiful, L! I was with you for a few of those :) Hope you have a great week!