Saturday, January 31, 2009

"A" challenge

My blogging friend Leslie posted a challenge the other day. My letter is "A", so this blog will contain 10 things that begin with this letter. I'm afraid it's going to be harder than it looks!

If you want to play along just leave me a comment and I’ll assign a letter for you and then you too can post a blog that lists 10 things that you "love, like or lust for" (Leslie's words) that start with that letter…and why you chose them!

Ok, these aren't going to be in any particular sort of order...and I feel it would be cheating to include people in this (several friends and amazingly enough a boyfriend whose names start with "A"!), so I'm leaving them out. So if you're reading this and you're one of those A friend, never fear...I still love you. I also think "a comfortable pair of flip-flops" or "anything good to eat" would be stretching it a bit...although don't think I wasn't tempted!

well, that one was easy. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for all creatures...except snakes and slugs and other such things.

This may be an odd one for some of you...and strangely enough I don't always love *hearing* arias, but I love to sing them. Guess all that classical vocal training in college really DID pay off. :0)

In pretty much all forms. I love visual art--Impressionism, especially Monet, is my favorite. But as a musician and occasional actress (see this blog entry) I am also interested in the performing arts. I can get lost in the Frist Center just as easily as TPAC...or a rock concert, or the symphony. When I say I appreciate it all--I mean it. When I say I love most of it--it's completely true. And then there's the whole artistry of interior design and decorating. And cooking--it's an art form of it's own! Yeah. I love art.

Animated Movies
not all of them, but some are just too wonderful to pass up. For example, my boyfriend just introduced me to Wall-E about 2 weeks ago. What an incredibly sweet and romantic film! And let's face it--Lady and the Tramp and the Aristocats are just precious.

I had never flown on an airplane until my sophomore year of college...and I flew from Nashville to Miami to San Juan, PR. (It was also the first time I saw the ocean--and what a way to see it!). When the other people on the missions trip with me found out it was my first flight they were shocked. They said they'd never seen anyone so calm who had never flown before. I have definitely developed a love of flight. When I can, I fly domestically (unless the drive is 5-6 hours...then I can't justify it), and I've also flown to Europe. This is somewhat amazing, as I have a serious fear of heights.

This is a creative way for me to get my love of pictures, photography and scrapbooking into a blog that has nothing to do with "p" or "s". :0) But I do love displaying photographs of those I love in albums. I have some informal ones stashed around the house, but I also have the more elaborate scrapbook albums for display.

Mmm. I've always loved a good guacamole. But when I was in California this past year I discovered the appeal of FRESH avacado slices. It's a regular item on the Subway bar there. And available everywhere. Yeah. I'm loving avacodo. Now, TN doesn't really get the freshest, but they'll do until I make it out to sunny CA again.

I suppose I should specify *good* aromas here. Like the smell of a wonderful meal in the oven (my Greek meatloaf last night for example), cinnamon, vanilla, snow, the air after a good summer rain, freshly cut grass, cinnamon and vanilla combined :0), guy's cologne, coffee, etc, etc, etc.
I guess this is technically free advertising for them, but seriously. Anything in the world you could ever want is on that site. I pretty much buy all my books there now, as well as any music that I don't download. And that's saying a lot. Because if this was a "b" list, Bookstores would be on it. I've also found cookware, clothing, yoga has everything!

and the other beautiful liturgical pieces of the Christian calendar. I think Advent is by far my favorite--something so beautiful about the season of waiting with great anticipation and expectation. Of course, I celebrate Lent, I observe other Holy Days as well. And since I go to a church that rarely mentions these things (not a part of their tradition) I've become creative in how to personally celebrate them in my home. I have found that it makes them even more meaningful to me that way.

Ok. That was really hard! Your turn...

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Leslie said...

I loved your list!!! I too love guacamole! :)