Monday, January 12, 2009

Well...Happy New Year!

Yeah. I started January in a sleep-deprived state (we ended '08 and began '09 with nearly 24 hours straight of Rock Band) and then about the time I should have began my 2009 blogging I got sick. Knocked me off my feet for several days. Between that and my modem going bad and having to be replaced, a massive internet outage in Nashville the following day and a few other's really no surprise that I haven't sat down at the computer to write for the 11 preceeding days of this year!

So it's the dreaded update post. First of all, I'm not feverish anymore. Secondly, I'm still looking for a job. Yesterday was the 5 month mark. I really am getting fearful about losing the house and being in the worst financial shape I've ever imagined :( but somehow even through all of the fear and disappointment that no job has materialized yet...I am still convinced that the right thing is out there for me. I've applied to dozens of jobs just today. So *something* has to materialize. Right? Right.

Other than that...well, our beloved Titans are out of the playoffs now. We basically handed the Ravens the game on a platter on Saturday afternoon. Anthony and I watched the game with his sisters and their family's dog, Rowdy. It was a disappointing loss. As you can see from the picture to the right, however, it wasn't due to a lack of cute fans! :0)

I have picked up a couple of regular babysitting gigs, at least until full-time work comes. I already babysit for some clients small group every other Sunday night, and a friend from my church asked me to babysit for THEIR small group on the "other" Sunday nights. What a blessing that the schedules worked that way! Obviously I'll not be able to babysit for either of the groups when we have youth events like Infusion, but still. And Friday mornings are now spent at my church baybsitting for a Bible Study that just started up. Some of my friends happen to be in the study, so I already knew a lot of the, fun.

Lastly...I've never been much of a "resolution" type girl, but I do have a few things that I want to see happen in 2009

-- relationships: strengthen the existing and form new. Yes, my romantic relationship is important. But I need some serious girlfriend time, and even though at this moment I don't have a lot of money to throw into going out I do want to make sure quality time is spent with those I hold dear.

-- health: overall, just to live healthily. I want to train to run the half-marathon late this spring, and continue to develop healthy eating habits and attitudes. I've been pretty successful at this over the last 2-3 years, but it never hurts to renew that committment. I'd also like to see about 20 pounds disappear over this year, but I'm determined not to stress about it. I've already lost 5 due to being sick though... :0) OH. And healthy sleep habits. At this I suck. Must get better.

-- green: continue recycling, be more aware of power used and saved.

-- spiritual: just continue seeking God and being aware of His prescence constantly. Anthony and I are reading spiritual books together this year and will be doing a Lenten study...I'm so blessed to be in relationship with a man who believes as strongly as I do that this is important.

So...I think that's it! I'll get onto the normal blogging this week, so probaby a recipe and top 10 list will show up soon at the very least. Love to you all!

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