Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday

Time again for confession of all that I have and have not done over the past few days/hours.
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It has not been unpredictable weather in TN (as usual), and because of that I did not play it safe on Friday and Saturday by staying inside just in case it started raining while I was running the greenway. It did not stay sunny and gorgeous in spite of my couch potato-ness.

Yesterday I did not go to a friends house to hang out after babysitting and did not end up playing WiiFit for almost an hour. I am not totally addicted to WiiFit even though I don't even have one. I am not determined to own a WiiFit by the end of the summer.

I did not find out about an exciting consulting opportunity that I may not be totally qualified for and will not have the chance to prove that later THIS WEEK. I am not totally jazzed about the idea, and this would not be a great thing for me to do even when I go back to the classroom. I do not want everyone to keep their fingers crossed for me!

Even though I spent a lot of time at my house (in fear of the non-rain) I did not sit around and do absolutely nothing around my house. My house looks perfect, naturally. I would never use the time I had planned to exercise to simply sit around. Not me!

I did not realize this morning that when I went to the grocery store and Target this week I forgot to pick up food for the cat. Emi does not have just enough to get her through today. I do not need to make an emergency trip to get cat food on my way home today! I do not feel awful about that...poor baby.

I do not have hours of recorded tv that I have yet to watch. So if you do not see me around much this week, assume that I'm not out running frantically trying to watch back episodes of Criminal Minds, Law and Order, Medium, and CSI.

I am not both excited and a little sad that LOST is ending for the season this week. Anthony and I do not have big plans to watch it together!



Brooke said...

you'd better get outside and run while you can - knowing TN weather it'll be scortching before ya know it!

Valentine said...

i am so sad that lost is ending the season. i have not had enough of the losties or the DI!

thanks for stopping by my blog, your comment made my day!
i hope to hear from you again.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Great list! I have NOT ever need to do an emergency run to get food for my dog!

Good luck on the consulting opportunity!

And thanks for stopping by my blog!

Shawn said...

All this negativity is confusing me!