Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday's Ten and then...

Yeah, I've been woefully absent from my blog lately. I promise it's not because anything bad is going on. Quite the contrary, actually. Between all the recorded tv I'm trying to catch up on (LOST, Grey's, AI...those I'm current on. Everything else, no), the work for the consulting project I've been given as a "trial", and the job interview I had on Monday (as well as the subsequent crazy running around to make sure all my ducks were in a row with that school system AND finding out about 2 other music teaching positions!)...I've just not sat down at the computer to blog!

I've been reading all your blogs though. And rarely commenting...sorry :( See reasons listed above.

Hopefully after this weekend I'll catch up a bit. BUT not until after this weekend. Because here's this week's 10.

Ten Things I'm Doing Between Thursday and Sunday

1. getting off work early
2. getting in a car with my boyfriend and his youngest sister for a bit of a drive
3. making a pit stop for dinner and to go to a gaming store/warehouse thing
4. meeting an aunt of said boyfriend (and sister)
5. unpacking a bag
6. going to an aquarium and a place where I get to sample drinks from around the world...and possibly going underground as well
7. going to IKEA and maybe even a zoo
8. kissing my boyfriend (hopefully more than just the once)
9. going to a church that is smaller than (and a different denom than) the one we attend at home...which will actually be lovely for a change!
10. heading back home with lots of memories. And pictures. There will be pictures for SURE.

Any guesses where we're going? There's a BIG hint in number 6. Also, it's more than 2 hours and less than 5 away from Nashville. :)



Bethany said...

Have so much fun, Lora! I'm heading away for the weekend too and cannot wait!!! I do know where you're going, but not because I guessed ;)

HappyascanB said...

ATL!!!! Fun Times! We did the Coke museum last year and LOVED IT! Enjoy your time!!!

Brooke said...

good luck with the road trip and meeting the aunt! :)

Anonymous said...

Have a super fabulous weekend!!

Tamela said...

My guess is Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg...

Shawn said...

Sounds fun! Have a great time!