Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday's Ten (interaction time)

This week I'm asking you to give me a top 10...or 5...or 2 things that make you happy. I'll be doing something with it over the next week or so! Here's the beginning of my list

Ten Things That Make Me Smile

1. Holding a newborn
2. The smell of rain
3. Kissing
4. Getting a tan
5. New pajamas
6. Finding a new recipe
7. Children singing
8. An animal's love
9. Photography
10. Worship



Brooke said...

1. a big hug from my niece
2. my nephew's laugh
3. snuggling with the hubs
4. finishing a good book
5. listening to the rain beat against the roof
6. getting new blog comments
7. feeling the burn the day after a weight training class
8. the post-running high
9. paying off debt
10. girls night out

Anonymous said...

1. Sunshine
2. Rainy Days
3. My daughter's smile
4. When Hubby looks at me
5. Good Music
6. Birds singing
7. Relaxing Showers
8. Children's Laughter
9. Thinking About My Grandma
10. Creating Goody Bags For Ill kids and Feeling God's love

HappyascanB said...

1. My niece's precious smile
2. 30 Day Shred
3. Blogging
4. Sunshine and water
5. pedicures
6. watching movies with Tim
7. DVR
8. asparagus
9. grilling
10. our dogs

Lucy said...

1. butterflies flying past my face
2. sharing a giggle with a friend
3. making something pretty
4. the cool of shade in the height of summer
5. guinea pigs
6. hearing what my nephews have been up to
7. realising I am loved
8. walking by a river
9. curling up with hubby without a care in the world
10. having 'God-moments' where I discover something about him which I hadn't noticed before

Ashley said...

1. finishing a good book
2. the perfect pair of jeans
3. bloggy love/comments
4. holding babies
5. the perfect song to sing along to
6. rainy days when you can stay inside and watch a good movie
7. making cards
8. playing games with family
9. Blogging
10. A DVR to never miss your favorite shows