Monday, May 4, 2009

Not ME!

McMama and Stellan are home! Go to her blog to catch up, and to join in on the not me fun!

So last week was not crazy, and I was not looking forward to a relaxing weekend...and it was not even better than I thought!

I did not get to babysit for 2 of my favorite families (oh, who am I kidding. I do not have tons of favorite families. My babysitting clients are not all wonderful!). But I did not get sweet toddler boy hugs (and lots of fire truck sound effects) on Friday night, and fun girly (x3) time on Saturday! It was not the best of both worlds, and I did not enjoy both evenings tremendously!

I do not also have pictures from the zoo again. Anthony and I did not join the zoo on Saturday and we did not go with our good friends Andy and Mandy. We did not have a blast even though it was misty-raining the whole time. This time, we did not spend most of our time at the clouded leapard exhibit. We did not meet the coolest guy there, who did not have an awesome camera and a fantastic website full of pictures he's taken of our big cats as well as other awesome things! I did not watch him take this picture! This guy does not work at the zoo, and does not travel to South Africa at least once a year. We were not all uber-impressed with him.

I'm not going to close by simply posting a few zoo pics. Do not have a fabulous Monday, all!

because we're dorks...

(Anthony makes a great meerkat!)



shortmama said...

Looks like you did NOT have a great time!

Bethany said...

Looks like everyone had a perfectly awful time ;) I just took my sis to the zoo Saturday and started posting pictures..not done yet!

the ungourmet said...

I love your Not Me! Those photos are great! We were not just at the zoo a couple of day ago as well!

I have been reading about Stellan and yes, it is soooo thrilling to hear that he is now home!