Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's a Great Day to Be Snowed In

It snowed...It Snowed...IT SNOWED!!!

Nashville finally has seen snow. And it's completely shut the city down. Offices closed, restaurants (even Cracker Barrel) closed, and no one's going anywhere.

4 inches, ladies and gentlemen. 4 inches.

We ARE supposed to get more. And in all fairness, I think the biggest snowfall I've seen here in Nashville in the last 10 years has been 3 inches.

I'm headed to Anthony's to play in the snow with my beau. I'm smelling a monster snowball fight. Pictures to follow!

(so I guess it's not true that no one's going anywhere. Nashville drivers...stay OUT of my WAY!)



Katy and Ross said...

Haha! I've been in Nashville when it's "snowed" before and you're right...everything shut down! We're not that far away (we're in VA) and we're at about a foot right now. I say bring on the snow!

Be safe driving in it!

Bethany said...

Haha, enjoy! We haven't had snow here for a few days and I'm completely fine with that. As long as it doesn't completely pile up I'm okay.

Brooke said...

we hardly got crap here. :( i'm totally not happy