Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday's Song: Grammy Thoughts Edition

*disclaimer: this is most likely going to "spoil" a couple of the awards for you, namely Album of the Year. So don't read if you haven't watched and want to. That is all.

Most of these are either random thoughts I had while watching, or texts I sent to Anthony...

Lady Gaga and Elton John...I heart you.

Pink eyed green peas!

Dear Taylor Swift: Please stop looking so shocked when you win.
(however it was a nice and coherent speech. Props for that)

Simon Baker makes up for it though. Yummy.
(I still like you better though. No worries :)

Nice crotch hold, Beyonce.

Oooh, Seal!

Holy shit P!nk! Ok, that's pretty stinkin impressive. Pretty sure I could never sing while I was doing that!
I'm kind of terrified she's going to electrocute herself with the mic and the water...
I've always loved even more.

Why have I never heard of anyone in the best new artist category?! Do I live under a rock or what?

I gotta admit. I'm kinda digging the Black Eyed Peas. Hey, new workout music!
But what in the world are the dancing robot things? Or dancing...stereo speakers?!

Ewwww, Jonas Brothers.
And I can hear a fangirl screaming in the background. At the Grammys. Klassy.

Dang. Serious competition for Best Rock Album.

I remember thinking Chris O'Donnell was soooo cute when I was a teenager.

I can't tell if Taylor is really off key as much as she sounds or if she's just being a whiny teenager. My money's on pitch problems though.
(and I think she's cute and a good songwriter. She just...doesn't do well live. When she sings. Speaking she's good.)

Maybe I'm just callous, but I'm SO.TIRED. of hearing about MJ.

Ahhh, Bon Jovi. That's the way it's sung. I've gotten used to the rock band version and I almost forgot. :)

Placido Domingo and Mos Lots of funny phrases are trying to create themselves in my head. I must restrain myself.

Wait...I'm on a Boat is a song besides the SNL version?!

What an ADORABLE child! I also like his speech the best. "do you wanna say anything?"
"No Thanks!"

Wow. Andrea Bocceli...Mary J Blige...David

I'm so glad they're plugging music education. Do you think maybe that means that maybe I'll be able to start teaching again?!?!?!?!?!?!? It would require music teaching positions to be OPEN...

Quentin Tarantino are you fo'real?!

Ok, with all the other nominees for Album of the Year...I don't agree at all that TS won it. Are ya kidding me?!

All in all, a fun show.



Anonymous said...

LOL...I see we had a few of the same thoughts.

Katy and Ross said...

I have some of the exact same thoughts...I love Taylor Swift, but there's no need for her to look that shocked anymore :)

Also, stop by our blog..we've got something for you!

Caitlin said...

Lawlz...don't give up the cake!!

We're going to meet with the caterer on I'll let you know what we're serving so you don't give those up either. :P

I can make you a banner SUPER easy. I just made one in GIMP.

Debbie said...

I only watched a small portion but I still enjoyed your recap! I am tired of MJ too.