Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday's Ten: Wish List

I know we just had Christmas, so our lists of wants/needs may be a little short right now (or not), but I thought it might be fun to share our lists of wants--silly little (or big) material things. I will say that I only plan to buy one thing on this list for myself anytime soon, so this is more of a "back of my mind" list


Please share yours so that I don't think I'm the only materialistic girl around here!

1. Ugg boots.
Reason I have fake ones: I live in Tennessee. There's just not much of a need for actual Uggs.
But they're soooo pretty...

a Wii
(this is the one I'll actually be buying...most likely around my birthday in March. With a WiiFit)

a trip back to Zuma beach. The Pacific waters are calling my name!
a North Face jacket
Maybe that would motivate me to atually walk/run in the cold?
a food processor. Ok, this is the other one that I'll probably be buying in the next few months. I have a teeeeeeny tiny 1 cup one that doesn't do squat. I don't want anything this fancy, just this size.
staying in the kitchen for one more (although I have to stop myself--I could do a ten list of items I'm wanting for the kitchen)
a stand mixer. how much easier would life be!
7. One of these in the travel mug version. I had one a few years ago, and I left it at work one day (teaching at the time) and I've never seen it again. :( It's the Chicago skyline. I do have one from Boston like this.
8. A really cool coupon organizer for that geeky side of me.
9. lulu lemon yoga pants. I hear they're AMAZING but expensive, so they'll wait.
10. lots of things on etsy, but specifically fingerless gloves. aren't they cute? and great for typing OR for my iPhone which only responds to human touch...

What's your list? Sign MckLinky and grab the button!

Next week's list will be 10 of Your Favorite Things, Home Edition
(please take pictures of 10 of your favorite things in your home! I can't wait to see them!)



Jill said...

I am wanting a WII Fit too! Don't know how soon I will get it tho...maybe I should give a hint to Aaron! lol
I would like to get the biggest loser...that would be neat!

Brooke said...

the stand mixer is only totally cool if you remember you have it. :P i should probably have my revoked for that shouldn't i?

Katy & Ross said...

Ok, I want a coupon organizer! I have 12 little envelopes now that I organize them in by month :( When you find a cool coupon organizer, will you share where you got it?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day I really appreciated it! Now I'm here to spread the comment-love!
I totally want a stand mixer AND a super duper european coffee maker...

theUngourmet said...

I would love to have a real pair of Uggs too! We have a Wii and it is really fun. My MIL bought me one of those mixers a few years back. I would never have spent the money on it myself. It is really handy. Your list is a good one! :0)

Peterson Family said...

I need those gloves for when I am out taking photographs! Cute and warm!!!

Thanks for leaving me a comment and sharing my SITS day with me!

yonca said...

Oh,i really need a stand mixer:)