Monday, May 3, 2010

and then there was the time that nashville nearly drowned...

(titans stadium)

we're officially in a state of emergency here.
and while there are bad things happening
(anthony's parents had a flooded basement yesterday
his granny's house has 3 ft--at least--of water sitting in it)
i'm choosing to focus on the positive

(the walmart a mile from my place--saturday mid-day)

i don't have any firsthand sensational pictures to post
like many of my friends do
and at first i was kinda bummed about that
then i quickly realized how silly that is

(on the other side of me, less than a mile away)

the fact that i don't have any awesome storm pics
no waves going through my backyard
no rivers down the street

(another major intersection--this one about 3 miles away perhaps)

it means that i'm safe
and dry

many that i love aren't so lucky

(downtown street)

i will say that i don't know the status of the storage unit just yet
(and am oh-so-thankful i secured renter's insurance on the contents of it just friday!)
but the things there are just that--things.
emi is safe
i am safe
anthony and his family are safe

we're good

i'll leave you with a couple of more humorous things from the storm
(because as you can see above there is much in the way of seriousness
but i--we--need to laugh)

facebook status from a friend:
K, now we know it is bad. Naomi Judd just called the TV station to report that her fence has been knocked down and that her buffalo are now roaming wild! Flooded house, yes, but wild buffalo, lookout!!

and further proof that nashville not only doesn't stop the music for water--it also doesn't stop creativity!
"Tennessee's Not Landlocked Anymore"

this one's not funny...just poignant. i love this photographic proof that you can't stop the music here, no matter what.
i think there's a whole blog post just in that statement

...i'll work on it...



Megan said...

This is just so unbelievable to me. I can't understand how this is happening. Beyond crazy! Very sad and scary. I'm really glad that you and Anthony and his family are all safe and sound. Please stay that way!! (((HUGS)))

I am snickering about the swimming lessons though. heehee

Brooke said...

glad everyone is safe! try to stay dry. thankfully we're not getting it half as bad as you guys.

Katy and Ross said...

At least you can be positive! That counts for a lot right now.

Elle said...

So glad to hear that you, your family, and friends are for the most part safe and dry! I love that your choosing to maintain a positive attitude--you're so right: stuff is just stuff.

Hope you're able to stay dry and that the flooding ends soon.