Tuesday, May 18, 2010

...so incredibly proud...

le boyfriend and i haven't seen a *whole* lot of each other over the last few weeks

not due to my crazy schedule
or the foreclosure, moving, asthma, or flood
(someday i'm going to come up with a catch-phrase for that month.
current top runner is *hell*)

but because something incredible was happening in his life.

you see, he's been a gaming enthusiast all of his life
and has converted me to a few of said games
(i still don't know a fraction of what he knows though)

and he has had a passion/dream of writing about the industry

and a few weeks ago
he got his chance!

he applied for an internship with a website
that is apparently a pretty big deal
and was accepted along with 3 other people

and less than a week after submitting
his very first feature article
he's published!

please go here and check him out
and if you're like me
and have little or NO idea what he's talking about
pass the link on to those people
(boyfriends, husbands, brothers, sisters, roommates, neighbors)
who do understand!

(pardon my gushing...i'm just a little bit proud)



Laura said...

My husband would be very jealous of that. He loves that stuff.

Bethany said...

Congratulations to him! That's exciting !!

Katy and Ross said...


(I don't have a clue what the article says really, but my hubby was in awe!)

Anonymous said...