Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's a Great Day to Stay Inside

Um, I haven't done these for awhile. First up, a bit of a wordle...


i have two.

i'm so glad April is OVER!
(lost the house, car got banged in parking lot, er/hospital visit...yeah, i'm glad the month is gone. may has to be AWESOME after all this.)


reminding the weather: it's APRIL showers!!

yep, it's raining cats, dogs, chickens, etc in nashville today
i've gotten out in it once--to teach a voice lesson this morning. i have another voice lesson to teach late this afternoon. and this in-between rainy, thundery day? i'm parked on my couch with the remote in one hand, computer on lap, and a cup of coffee next to me.
it's a good day for all that.

bummer too, because cheekwood, one of my favorite nashville spots, is free today. however, i hardly think "botanical gardens" and "torrential rain" is really a good i'll suck it up and pay the admission on a pretty day soon!

emi is sacked out on the bed, i'm feeling rather snoozy myself...considering the earlier events of the week...this may just be the perfect way to spend my day after all.




Margaret Ann said...

OOOH! Be safe today...Just watched the weather channel..."ToTo we are not in Kansas any longer"...UGH!

Wishing a happy and drier SWS to you!

Jeanie said...

Wishing you a totally awesome May.

Olivia said...

Have a good cozy rainy day! And happy 6WS!

Shannon said...

Well, curl up in bed with a cup of soup and watch some great movies...that's what I like to do on a rainy day!

Megan said...

We've had some pretty crazy rain going on here too. At the moment the sun is peeking through the clouds though.

Enjoy your day of relaxation! =)

Ron Cooper said...

April's gone, "May" I say, "Glad!"

My blog is all original inspirational writings. The most recent one is about smiling.


croleyc69 said...

Hope May is a lot better. I live in nevada and we have been having snow yet.
Happy 6ws