Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday's Memory: the one with the suitemates

(this one shall have lots of pictures)
we met during freshman orientation
a weekend when we visited a local waffle house way too late at night
ordered pizza that took 2 hours to arrive
learned a tiny bit about each other
and decided to be suitemates
we paired off with the 2 "l's" in one room (lindsay and lora)
and gwen and beth in the other
a yankee and a southerner as the makeup of each room

you would have thought we wouldn't work
since NONE of us knew the other
but somehow
beautiful friendships were formed

together we celebrated:
first dates

birthdays (on a budget)

and sometimes just dressed up to dress up
thursday nights were "suite nights"
usually they involved going to wal-mart or the mall
stopping by sonic for a meal
or even walking to the scary subway for a sandwich

we would come back and crash
and watch a movie
(in gwen and beth's room. they had the tv. we had the fridge and microwave)

lindsay introduced us to a show called "second noah"
and we would have marathon nights of watching it on her vhs tapes
from the first season to the last

and we sang
to the partridge family's "i think i love you"
to rascal flatt's "prayin' for daylight"
and to dixie chicks...well, anything
("goodbye earl" was a particular favorite, however)

we all had musical taste differences
but THOSE were the songs we could agree on. always.

we argued too
and would have nights where we would just talk and work things out
some of those nights involved some tears
but without fail, we'd end up all piled together on one bed
laughing at something

we had long talks
about what we wanted our lives to look like
about faith
how we wanted to live out God's calling on each of us
(we had no clue how to do that...we just knew we had to)

it was an idyllic 2 years
junior year, only beth and i returned to trevecca

and we had different roommates
(although our apartments were just across from each other for awhile)

we got together often
and still took classes together (mostly music)
it wasn't quite the same

6 years after the last time we'd all seen each other
beth got married
and the 4 of us saw each other again
(although beth was a little busy...
so it was mainly gwen, lindsay and i who were able to reconnect)

that was in 2007
gwen came to visit nashville last year and we were able to spend a few days together
different "pairings" like that have happened
but the 4 of us haven't spent any time together

that's going to change
someone's parents have a cabin
close to gatlinburg

and lindsay, gwen, beth, elijah (beth's toddler) and i
will spend thursday through sunday together

i'm not sure we'll have the same kind of menu
(we're trading ramen noodles for my vodka pasta)
or the same movies
(at least we'll be switching vhs for dvd)
and WE are not the same people

but we still have mad love for each other
and these friendships, i truly treasure
because when we get together
it's like it was 10 years ago when we first met.



Brooke said...

that's one of the few things i regret about college, i never formed those lasting friendships.

Katy and Ross said...

That sounds like so much fun! And it definitely sounds like a four-person-friendship you can't ever lose :)

(BTW, I totally heard Earl Had To Die on my ipod shuffle this morning on my way to work and I cranked up the volume...I used to love that song!)