Friday, May 28, 2010


*written last friday after arriving at the cabin*

they were everywhere today.

one landed in front of me as i walked into the grocery store
pausing every few moments to turn
and look at me
as if he were wondering about what was going through my head
just as i was wondering what was going through his.

then as i sat in traffic, trying to just get out of town
they kept landing in front of my car
taking a moment to splash in a puddle
in the midst of heavy traffic
only flying away when the light would change and traffic
began moving.

it took a few times -- and then i got it.
i'm a sparrow too
and God is watching out for me
just like He is for them

i don't think it coincidence
that my favorite song to play on the piano
when i am stressed or at the end of whatever rope i've been clinging to
"His eye is on the sparrow"

oh -- i know He watches me

and that is why
through death
and whatever else may come
(and it will)

i am ok.



Brooke said...

through anemia
through scary tests
through being benched
through being overwhelemed and tired


Farmgirl Paints said...