Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday's Ten: product recommendations

i've been wanting to do this for awhile...why not now?

ten products or items that i would highly recommend for your own use. most of these are VERY cheap :)
(PLEASE play along even if you don't have a full 10 list!)

1. my stacking recycling bins from ikea
2. my can opener. it was a gift from my parents one Christmas, and it's a.m.a.z.i.n.g
(mine is red, but i couldn't find an online image of it. it's the 'one touch' brand and i think you can even buy it at target or walgreens now)
3. my creative memories all purpose scissors. coupon clipping, scrapbooking, photo trimming...fantastic
4. pampered chef kitchen shears (ok, similar to the above, but they are AWESOME on their own and i use them for *everything* around the kitchen)
5. avacado slicer. it makes it so easy to have fresh avacado when i don't have to get so stinkin' messy cutting it up!
(you can buy it wherever you buy kitchen tools)
6. starbucks insulated cup. you knew i'd bring it up again eventually!
7. and on that note, the sigg water bottle. um, i don't know where mine is...someone besides me packed it. must.find.soon!
8. (for pet owners) the mouse laser light. best purchase under $5 i have possibly *ever* made. emi loves it! (i bought mine at target)
9. cfl's (compact fluorescent lamp). not only are they SO much better for the environment, they also last forever and drive down your energy costs!
10. in that whole "green" vibe--reusable grocery bags. trader joe's are quite stylish, and i'm forever taking a reusable bag with me on trips, or to carry stuff back and forth from they're quite versatile for me!

i KNOW you have a similar list. please share!



Brooke said...

i <3 my reusable bags.

Bethany said...

I love my reusable bags too- and guess what I got as a gift from my coworker?? An insulated Sbux cup! Now I need to stick it in my car and remember to bring it when I visit Sbux. Hehe!