Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday's Ten: Warmer Weather Edition

it's finally getting to be the time of year that makes living in middle tennessee completely worth it.
not yet too humid
(although give it a couple of weeks)
and not over 100 degrees just yet

well, without a beach
THAT would be perfection

here's my list of ten things i love to do around town when it starts warming up :)

1. go for a hike or a walk. besides the greenway, radnor lake is a favorite place. and amazingly enough i have just moved within a few moments of the trails there!
2. visit the zoo. anthony and i joined last year and i'm totally renewing my membership. with my new nanny gig(s) (more about that later...) and friends who love animals as much as we do it's pretty much a necessity. plus the reciprocal membership with zoos around the country is fantastic!
3. lay out. i know, i know, sun cancer...but i CRAVE the sun. i'm never out THAT long...
4. eat. which kind of doesn't seem to fit with the above, but shall i explain? fresh fruits and veggies straight from the garden, avocados sliced up on a sandwich, organic stuff--just anything! i feel like eating so healthily during these summer months--which is probably why i don't have a problem with the diet and exercise routine!
5. garden. i'm excited because this year i'll be planting tomatoes in the ground, plus reviving my herb garden in containers!
6. head to the park--grown-up park with friends, playground park with kids. they're all fun, and everyone feels like a kid when we just play!
7. read. on a rainy or cloudy day, curling up in a chair. when it's nice outside, taking a book and a blanket to the yard and just hanging out with the characters for awhile.
8. take a nap. there's something about coming home on a sunday afternoon...opening the curtains...putting a comfy robe or pj set on...and laying down in the sunlight. it's my inner cat, i suppose--emi and i usually jostle for the most sunny area to sleep in!
9. have a popsicle. those fla-vor-ice pops from when you were a kid? yeah, i totally keep a box on hand at all times. pure sugar...pure fun
10. get a pedicure. ok, so this one is a self-done pedi lately...just can't justify the expense for myself at the moment! but there's something about walking around in flip-flops with pretty feet that makes life a little sunnier :)

what about you? as it warms up, what do you like to do?



Bethany said...

Love it love it! (Except the pedicure, I am too ticklish for that, hehe!) We've had some awesome warm days here but now it's been rainy and cold. Ewww.

Brooke said...

my papaw gave us a tomato plant, so i'm hoping to have a few homegrown veggies this summer! :)